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Work Log


Work Log is a quick, easy and free way to keep track of your shifts and calculate the number of hours worked and wages paid over your pay period. • Fast, simple and straightforward way to track work hours• Time saving features like automatic break deduction and pay period settings• Choose between punching in and out or manually entering your shift hours• Easy to update, delete or add past shifts• Lots of customization options to suit your needs like 24h formatting, selecting when your week starts and a variety of ways to view your past shifts• See how many hours you've worked and earned over a pay period, week, month or year• Set your pay period to automatically calculate how many hours you worked and your wages for each paycheck• Automatically have deductions and/or bonuses calculated for paychecks• Optionally keep track of sales or tips (useful if you make commission or tips. useful for servers or sales people)• Optionally keep track of work mileage, your mileage rate, and add totals to your paycheck• Optionally keep track of work holiday pay days• Set breaks to be automatically deducted from shifts over a given period of time. (ie. 30 minutes deducted after a 5 hour shift, 45 minutes deducted after an 8 hour shift), or enter breaks manually• Keep track of overtime hours and wages for up to two overtimes• Use widgets to punch in and out quickly, or as a shortcut to add a new shift. (tap on the punch in time to cancel it)
Get the full version to track multiple jobs, remove ads, export all data as a spreadsheet (.CSV), as well as backup and import all saved data as a database.
Customization• Choose between a light and dark theme to suit your style• Display times with am/pm times or with a 24h clock• Display a currency symbol from over 100 countries• Set a backup reminder to remind you to backup your database every week, two weeks, month or two months• Set your pay period to be calculated by weeks, months, days or by half months (1st-15th, 16th-last)• Keep track of sales, optionally add sales to your paycheck, or a percent of sales (ideal for servers of sales staff)• Keep track of tips, optionally add tips to your paycheck• Select what day your week starts on• Option to automatically round shifts to 15m, 30m or 60m increments• Display hours in decimal (7.5h) or hours:minutes (7h 30m) format • Enter your hourly wage to have your wages calculated• Have flat rate and/or percentage deductions automatically made to paycheck calculations to account for taxes, union fees or any other deductions• Have flat rate and/or percentage bonuses automatically made to paycheck calculations to account for things like vacation pay• Have breaks automatically deducted based on up to three break rules. For example, after a 3 hour shift deduct 15m, after a 6h shift deduct 30m and after an 8h shift deduct 1h• Keep track of up to 2 overtimes, such as receive 1.5 times normal pay for a shift over 8h and 2 times normal pay for a shift over 12h. This could also be applied to pay periods, for example, 1.25 times normal pay for pay periods over 40h and 1.5 times normal pay for pay periods over 50h. All hours and pay rates are customizable.• Choose to share Google analytics
PermissionsInternet Access and View Network State:• Required for analytics and adsModify/Delete SD Card Contents: • Required to save database and .CSV files to storage to exportGet Accounts/Use Credentials:• Allows Goolge+ rating